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Therago is the provider of multiple different type of therapies onsite at businesses and on a permanent or mobile temporary basis.  They can provide employees with chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional services, as well as other therapies.  All billing and booking is done online which reduces the amount of work an employer needs to worry about.

One of the most common reasons for people not seeking care or not continuing with a treatment plan until they are fully healed is the inability to get to their appointments due to work and home life obligations.  Having treatment provided onsite will allow patients to achieve their goals more readily as they will be able to attend appointments without having to travel from work to their appointments.


We currently treat employees of many companies who are experiencing discomfort for varying reasons.  When they are treated and feel better they have more energy at work and feel more productive throughout their day.  The way they feel affects not only their work life but also their home and social life as they are able to do more activities pain free.


Understanding how to be involved in their own healthcare also allows patients to be more aware of warning signs of illness and they are therefore more likely to address health issues earlier and reduce the effects of any ailments that may arise. Overall patients who take part in their healthcare suffer from fewer illnesses since they are more active, eat a healthier diet, and lead a lower stress life.

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