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We are regularly asked to recommend products relevant to health and wellness including products that we ourselves utilize at home or in the office.  Since it is not feasible to stock all the products we would recommend in sufficient variety and quantity we have decided to comb Amazon for products we already order and recommend with the best quality and price in mind.
Click on any of the products categories below or choose from the drop down list on the "Recommended Products" tab on the menu at the top of every page.

Mobilization & Stretching Products

From foam rolls and lacrosse balls to inversion tables these products will help you keep moving.

Personal Care Products

If you are looking for healthy alternatives to take care for your body we have found some great products for you to choose from including the lotions that we use within the clinic and at home.

Foods, Supplements, Meal Replacements

These are some of our favourite products to use to supplement our diets when needed whether its related to day to day activities or athletic training.

Sleeping Aids

Whether you need a better pillow, a mattress topper, a body pillow, music to help you sleep we have suggestions for you to use.

Home Therapy Equipment

Many people have asked what type of equipment they can get to take care of themselves at home when it comes to electronic or mechanical devices.  This category includes items such as T.E.N.S. units, traction units, and massage units.

Health & Fitness Assessment Tools

There is a wide variety of devices to help people assess their health and fitness.  These items include fitness trackers, training watches, blood pressure monitors, weight scales.  We have worked with many different types of products and have had the opportunity to question patients and other health care professionals about what the pros and cons are of each device.

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