Ergonomic Consulting

Ergonomics is the applied science of designing and developing equipment, workstation layout and work strategies to best suit and protect the human body. The goal of ergonomics is to minimise fatigue, discomfort, injury and emotional stress.

It's important to recognize that even the most ergonomically correct environment will not prevent repetitive stress injuries if the body is simply overworked. The body has limitations with what it can withstand. Surpassing those limitations will most definitely result in injury.

Both on and off site ergonomic consulting and training is available.

An ergonomic assessment can done to ensure that patients working at a computer are set-up correctly to minimise or prevent discomfort. Ultimately, proper workstation set-up will also create a more efficient work flow and maximise productivity.

With a detailed review of the current situation, the practitioner and patient will work together to achieve the optimal working set-up by discussing existing set-up concerns, current discomfort levels and workstation usage needs.  The patient will receive education about the optimal way to set-up their computer workstation.

A full report following the assessment which identifies all adjustments made while onsite and provides detailed recommendations for any further equipment or accessories that may be needed.

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