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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

Anyone injured in an automobile accident in Alberta, is entitled to accident benefits coverage no matter whether or not they were at fault for the accident.

The benefits available depend on the type of injury sustained:

  • If your injury is a sprain, strain or a whiplash associated disorder I or II, your chiropractor does not have to seek approval of the insurer for payment for treatment of these injuries if you provide notice of your claim. Your chiropractor will be able to bill the automobile insurer for all treatment services outlined in the “Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols” that are not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance.

  • For all other injuries, if you choose not to follow the diagnostic and treatment protocols, you will need to pay the health service provider. You may be reimbursed for eligible expenses from your health plan benefits (i.e. Blue Cross or similar employee benefits plan) and then by your automobile insurer. 

Treatment protocols for MVA injuries are designed to ensure the reduction of pain and an increase in flexibility and strength as quickly as possible.  It is imperative that anyone injured in an MVA is assesed and treated as quickly as possible.

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